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German to English technical and commercial translation



We’re an award-winning team of German to English technical and commercial translation specialists, producing high-quality, certified translations with a fast turnaround. We’re committed to raising standards in the language services industry – and the profiles of the human translation professionals who help oil the wheels of our global economy. Get in touch with us here for a quote!

German to English technical and commercial translation


“The team at LKT consistently delivers excellent translations for life, ETH Zurich’s quarterly internal magazine. They work on a wide range of German source texts – from opinion pieces and profiles to news articles featuring technical scientific content – and turn them into engaging English copy. We really appreciate having direct contact with in-house translators, and their professionalism and flexibility has also helped us out of a scheduling jam more than once.”

Anna Foch, ETH Zürich

“Working with Louise and the team at LKT is an absolute dream for me as a freelance translator. It is so rewarding to collaborate with a company that really cares about what they do and I love the fact that everyone there shares my high quality standards. I always have all the information I need to produce translations that are perfectly in line with the customer’s requirements and I know I will receive a reply to any questions I may have or assistance with technical issues in no time if required. The best part is that everyone is so friendly in their communications – I am always made to feel like I am part of the team.”

Fiona Gray, freelance translator – Grayscale Translations

“I’ve been working with LKT for many years now and it’s always a pleasure. Any queries or issues are dealt with quickly and efficiently. Since they understand how translators think and what they need, I always feel like I’m in very good hands and that they understand my point of view. All that, plus I’ve never had a single issue with a late payment or similar … they really are the best!”

Sarah Fisher, freelance translator – SLF Translations

“We have been working with Louise and her team for over nine years and are very happy with their services. The quality of their translations is of a very high standard, all our translation projects are handled and processed in a reliable and timely manner and they are committed to providing outstanding customer service. We would not hesitate to recommend them further as a professional and reliable business partner.”

beo Gesellschaft für Sprachen und Technologie mbH

“LKT is an extremely professional business that insists on premium quality every time. The friendly project managers and in-house translators respond promptly to queries and are always willing to offer help and advice. These factors, coupled with the clear brief provided for each job, make my life as a freelance translator much easier.”

Steve Gray, freelance translator – Steven Gray Translations

“LKT is a very professional company to work with – they always provide clear instructions, good-quality reference material and are happy to help with any queries. They have always paid my invoices promptly and send interesting projects for high-profile clients. They also provide regular feedback, which is great for me as a freelancer. I would definitely recommend working with them!”

Ellie Curtis, freelance translator

“Working with LKT is always a positive experience. The team are friendly and always respond quickly to any questions or technical issues. They work hard to ensure a high standard of quality and always provide useful feedback on how I can improve my own standards.”

Beth Skinner, freelance translator – Blue Skies Translation

“I really enjoy working with Louise and her friendly team of linguists. Project handovers are clear and thorough, and the in-house revisers have sent me helpful feedback on my work. Louise regularly gets in touch to enquire about my capacity, ask about new projects and even to inform me of training opportunities for a software package that I’ve started using for one of LKT’s clients. The collaborative approach adopted by Louise and her colleagues is very valuable to me as a freelancer and beneficial in my working relationship with LKT.”

Siân Thomas, freelance translator – konnekt! language solutions

“We have been relying on LKT for many years for the translation of most of our international business communication, technical, legal and marketing texts. The quality of the translations has always been outstanding and is exactly what we are looking for. Working with Louise and her team is always a pleasure, as they provide great service and fast delivery. I can only recommend LKT for a variety of subject matters and texts.”

Stefanie Ettinger, Business Development and Marketing, Ettinger GmbH





We’ve been around since 2004 and our professional German translation services have always kept a clear focus on our core values – quality, time and capacity. We promise the best and deliver the best, and we’ll exceed your expectations. With the latest technology and our vastly experienced team on our side, we’re always on hand when you need us. We’re a close-knit team of specialists who are experts in our fields, so you can be sure of a professional service every time.


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