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We promise the best and deliver the best.
The certified translation services we provide in our business conform to the latest globally recognised standard for translation services, ISO 17100:2015. The standard sets out stringent requirements for all aspects of the business, not just the actual task of translation itself. This includes:

– The quality of the translators

– The security of our communications and equipment

– Processes and activities at every stage of production

Furthermore, the quality management system for our certified translation services holds ISO 9001:2015 certification, providing credible and tangible evidence of our ability to meet and wherever possible exceed our customers’ expectations and requirements.

At LKT we are absolutely committed to demonstrating that we are capable of meeting the very highest of standards in terms of both products and services. We are proud to have had the way in which we work approved by an organisation that is held in such high regard and recognised the world over.


We will exceed customers’ expectations every time.
At LK Translations, we understand that the translation industry is a deadline-driven sector. That’s why we deliver our projects on time, every time. We can be trusted to respond to your enquiries and queries as quickly as possible and provide you with speedy assistance at all times.

Not only can we deliver our certified translation services on a specific day, but we can also arrange delivery for specific times, ensuring that your documents get to you exactly when you need them.


With our in-house team and network of trusted partners, we are always here to help.
Our team of in-house specialist translators is supplemented and supported by an international pool of talented language practitioners. One e-mail or telephone call provides access to our vast array of resources, saving our clients time and money.

Computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools operate on the principle of memory. By “remembering” and storing text for retrieval and use in future documents, we can both speed up the translation process and maximise cost efficiency whilst also assuring quality and consistency in our certified translation services.


If you like the way we work and are interested in taking advantage of our certified translation services, simply click the button below to get in touch with us and find out how we can help you.