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At LKT, we fully understand the importance of continuous professional development. Of course, we are constantly learning and improving our skills simply by translating and revising every day, but there is also much to be gained from a diverse CPD programme. We keep a CPD log detailing all of the activities undertaken by members of our in-house team, and are always on the lookout for ways to keep up with the latest developments in our industry.

For busy translators, webinars are a perfect way of undertaking training without having to take a full day out of production to travel to a seminar or lecture. We regularly attend webinars on the various CAT tools that we use to make sure that we are utilising them as efficiently as possible, as well as courses specifically aimed at technical translators in order to improve our background knowledge of the fields in which we work.

Internal CPD activities are invaluable too. By its nature, translating is often a solitary profession, which is why our quarterly team days are so important to us. They give us a chance to talk about our work in detail and also to discuss the company itself and its future development. We take it in turns to present masterclasses and run workshops in order to hone our skills and share ideas and experiences with each other. Pizza and cake are usually involved too!

LKT team day May 2016

Last but not least, we really value opportunities to get out into the world and attend industry events. From networking with other language professionals at the ITI and ATC conferences to encouraging the next generation of linguists at the Universities of Salford, Manchester and Sheffield, we love having the chance to give something back and make a contribution to our industry. After all, anything that raises the profile of translators and the work that we do can only be good news for us all!