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As a business certified to ISO 9001:2015 plus ISO 17100:2015, the latest globally recognised standard for translation services, every single one of our in-house procedures and processes is geared towards creating a high-quality result for you. That means the steps we take to provide language quality assurance start from the very moment we start handling your text. We collect all the information we need before we start work so that we can be sure the translation meets certain criteria. For example, you might want to have your text translated into American English rather than British English. Or you might have a list of specific terms that you would like the translator to use. We also maintain an extensive set of reference material on a modern, secure system, ensuring that we always stay abreast of our customers’ requirements.


An important part of our language quality assurance procedures is the translation software we use. We take advantage of specialised tools that enable us to carry out both manual and automated checks, keeping the language we use as coherent and consistent as possible. Spellchecking functions are one example of this, but the list of what translation technology can do extends much further. With its help, we can check that terminology has been used correctly, that words and sentences have been translated consistently, and that punctuation and numbers are all in order. Machines are no replacement for humans, of course – and as qualified professional translators, we also rely on the expertise we have developed over our years of experience in the field. Our eyes are trained to spot all these issues and more – like erroneous spacing, language that doesn’t fit the context, and even punctuation in the wrong format.

Whichever service level we provide, you can be sure that the translators dealing with your text follow our language quality assurance procedures rigorously.


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